Providing Collaborations & Services

for Artists in Arizona & the Surrounding States

Located in Chandler, Arizona, The ARTyard Project supports artist collaboration, studio space rental, and other great artist services. By identifying the perfect partner for each client, artists increase sales. We have a great deal of experience identifying the perfect partner for each artist. Call us today to learn how to make the most profit from your talent.

Innovative Partnering

Increase your cash flow as an artist or marketer with our creative collaboration services. We match up artists with business and/or products that are compatible. For example, match business character and personality with a local artist. Customers purchase artist works or support local artist while using products from companies that would donate a portion of proceeds to the organization.

Artist Studio Space

Imagine technology artists working and interacting under the same roof with fine artists. Our tech studio offers 12,000 square feet of creative space for technology artists and 15,000 square feet for the fine artist. The ARTyard Project nurtures the dynamic that powers the growth of innovative development through arts based problem solving by creative people. Engaged and growing, artists contribute new perspectives to the complex themes confronting society today.

Artist Services, Artist Collaboration in Chandler, AZ

• Painting
• Sculpting

• Music
• Dance

• Performing Arts
• Film Production

• Digital Arts
• Fashion Design

• Editing
• Vocal



Learn all the basics of succeeding in your career endeavors. We offer classes, private mentoring and consulting services to help funding streams and partnering for the promotion of your business as well.

Email us for information about exhibition, studio space rentals, and working in a collaborative environment.